Now there has been a lot of discussion going on about the police officer pulling a gun on a kid. We don't necessarily know the whole situation and what led to this unfortunate event.

There have been a lot of people who have been heated about this recent incident which involved kids and our police officers. Now there was so much controversy about this video and upset a lot of people. Now personally, I think this situation could have been handled differently. It was jaw-dropping to see a cop pull out his gun aiming it at a group of kids. Now, the kids weren't really making the situation any better by mouthing off to the police. In my opinion, I believe the officers should have called for more backup instead of pulling a gun on the kids and the kids should have respect for the authority. If the cop felt he needed to give the kids a scare, he could have used a taser instead of a gun. Of course, some of us are thinking if our parents heard us talk back to a cop like that we would rather go to jail than home! I cannot believe young kids were running their mouth like that at such a young age. First Amendment Strike Team published the footage not too long ago for you to see.

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