Huh?  How can Playboy be unwelcome anywhere?

It's true though, Marfa Texas said no to the iconic magazine.  Well, to their image anyway.

A sign featuring the Playboy logo and a classic muscle car was ordered taken down by the Texas Department of Transportation.  Not because of nude or erotic imagery but because the sign violates area advertising ordinances.

A certified public accountant in Marfa named Lineaus Lorette filed the complaint against the sign saying:

"I thought it was a sign -- a corporate logo. And in Texas you can't put up signs without permits." "I checked and it didn't have a permit so I filed a complaint."

Sure, laws are laws but this debate isn't finished yet.  Playboys PR firm "PR Consulting", says;

"We do not believe that the art installation by Richard Phillips violates any laws, rules or regulations. Our legal counsel is currently looking into this matter and we hope to resolve this issue satisfactorily and as quickly as possible."

Read more here.

We'll see what happens.  In the meantime, what do you think?


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