Well if this wasn't a total buzzkill I don't know what would! And now stoners have someone else to fear. Add this story to Reefer Madness.

Frederick Smith of Aurora, Colorado came home after a long hard days work and decided to smoke a quick bowl while his 9 year old daughter was upstairs taking a shower. It was at this time that the Papa John's pizza delivery man came to drop off the family's dinner and decided it was his moral duty to call the cops on this guy. So after he was getting ready to chow down on some pizza, there was a banging on the door from the popo. Smith though, got a medical marijuana card after a bicycle accident and was legally allowed to have the Mary Jane on him. The cops came in and checked the situation then left without any legal action being taken against him. Smith has now filed a complaint with Papa John's and the Better Business Bureau for them intruding into his personal life when all he wanted was a freaking pizza! Papa John's is defending its driver in the situation and would not take any action against the him. Well, I think we all know which pizza delivery service I will not be using anytime soon.

I also love how the news channel decided it was necessary to broadcast from the ACTUAL Papa John's that sent out the driver. While showing tape of an almost empty box of pizza. I hope they felt stupid for doing that. This isn't a crime scene it's where stoners go to get their munchies. Or, at least they used to.

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