This woman learned the hard way that you should always tip the pizza delivery man.Chloe Teply of Des Moines, Iowa ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, but unfortunately for her, she didn't have enough cash for the pizza AND a tip.  After she got her pizza and went inside, it dawned on the pizza guy that he hadn't received a tip.  So he whipped it out and started peeing on her door!  It was all caught on surveillance camera.  Chloe saw the urine a few hours later and asked the apartment manager to look at the tapes.  There he was,  doing his duty on her door.  They called the Pizza Hut and the pizza guy was fired.  I am glad to know that the company took action against the guy.  Who knows what else he would have peed on!  Pizza guy did apologize and went back and cleaned Chloe's door.  Least he could have done.  Buzz used to deliver pizzas and was only tipped one time, a whopping dollar.  Imagine all the doors he could have gone pee pee on!  Have you ever stiffed the pizza guy and had something terrible happen for it?


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