An 83-year-old pilot was taken to an El Paso hospital after losing control of his plane and wrecking into a residential wall.

The incident reportedly happened in far East El Paso near the intersection of Indian Wells Drive and Santa Fe Trail. Fortunately, for the pilot as WELL as the house, the plane had not yet taken flight when the mishap occurred.

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Department of Public Safety officials says 83-year-old Edward Bernard Irving lost control of his 1964 single-engine Globe Swift as he attempted to take off on Santa Fe Trail.

I’m not an “airplane guy”, but that is one SWEET LOOKING bird! Just look at how shiny and cool this thing is. Even all banged to crap, that is still a beautiful-looking machine.

Mr. Irving, the pilot, was taken to Del Sol Medical Center with what responders described as an “incapacitating injury” so we certainly hope he’s doing okay.

Do people regularly fly planes out of this neighborhood? There aren’t any fly-in communities or streets that double as runways listed in El Paso.

Flying a 60-year-old plane isn’t exactly something that goes unnoticed so I ASSUME it’s allowed?

There IS one fly-in community, complete with hangers, runways, and wind-socks in the El Paso area. It’s called Cielo Dorado Fly-in Estates and it’s actually in Anthony, New Mexico

The whole neighborhood is gated but I went to a party at a house out there once.

This neighborhood is VERY unique.

Not all but MOST of the houses have their own airplane hangars. House…garage…hangar; that’s standard.  There’s the main runway in the middle of the community and smaller taxi-ways run from the runway to all the houses. If you’re driving in the neighborhood there are multiple signs warning you to “Watch for taxiing aircraft”.  The aircraft has the right-of-way.

Of course, the houses are gargantuan and go for a minimum of $1 million. In this fly-over video, you can see why they’re so pricey.

In the twenty years that I’ve known about this neighborhood, I’ve never seen a plane take-off or land there.

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