If you drove by the El Paso International Airport this week, you may have spotted something...interesting: a red, white & blue airplane that reads "Patriots" & "6x Champions" on the side.


New England Patriots Airplane here in El Paso lol

Posted by Luis Luna on Tuesday, March 23, 2021


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Yup. You're seeing that correctly. That's THE OFFICIAL New England Patriots airplane AT the El Paso International Airport. But the big question is...Why? Was someone from El Paso being signed to the Patriots & we just didn't know about it? Were they bringing more masks to El Paso, like they started doing last year?

Well the answer is...no. According to a spokesperson with the New England Patriots, the plane, a Boeing 767-300ER, arrived at the El Paso International Airport earlier this week for a domestic Department of Defense (DOD) transport. The spokesperson also said they try to keep both of their team planes running during the offseason so they don’t sit idle on a tarmac for extended periods of time when the team is no longer using them.

Another interesting note, The Patriots are the first, and so far ONLY team, in the NFL to have their own official planes for team travel. Both planes were nicknamed "AirKrafts" after their owner, Robert Kraft.

So the next time you're at the airport in El Paso, keep your eyes peeled; you never know what you might find.

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