Last week, we played a terrible, terrible game on the Morning Show — Pubepourri. If you haven't heard previously heard of Pubepourri it's because it's a disgusting thing we made up and something I highly recommend everyone from trying to recreate at home.

Pubepourri is a challenge that puts the popular game Pie Face to nefarious uses. Now, when playing Pie Face as the makers intended, one puts a wallop of whipped cream onto a lever-like hand and then spins a wheel to determine how many times each player clicks the contraption that controls the hand, with the winner getting hit the fewest amount of times in the face with whipped cream. Good, clean old-fashioned fun, right?

In our version of the game — dreamed (nightmared?) up by the Morning Show and comic Steve Travino, who was in in the area performing at the El Paso Comic Strip — we replaced the whipped cream with shaving cream. Not terrible, right? Not until we sprinkled a selection of pubic hair provided by Buzz, Morning Show producer Brandon Coates and Steve on top — pubepourri, if you will.

We each then took turns clicking the flinging arm while begging Jesus to not be the one to take the nest of pubes to the face. Watch to see who — Buzz, Stephanie, Brandon or Steve — got the unlucky faceful of pubes:

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