After discussing the topic of people's fears and which ones were legitimate and which ones were silly, the BAMS cast started talking about their irrational fears.


Joanna says she is weirdly scared of snakes "because they're gross and slimy" and asks the question we're all wondering, "where are their legs?"

Image of a Great Basin Rattle Snake, Utah.
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Creepy Crawlies

Nico says, "spiders freak him out," even though he knows most of them are harmless. "Spiders are like these little sharp balls with spiny legs that can jump, crawl on walls, and bite you. A human-sized spider would be terrifying and my worst nightmare!"

spider shape hanging in the air in blue sky and white clouds background.

Dark Water

Lisa says that she has a fear of "dark water." Around the globe deep, stretches of water can look black and endless. She isn't sure why or where in her life this may have developed. But even just showing her a picture can "send shivers" down her spine.

Toads and Frogs

Buzz says that "frogs and toads" are the scary hell beasts that would stop him in his tracks. "I grew up mowing a lot of yards, so I came across a lot of different animals from time to time. Snakes would slither out of bushes but would never bother me. It was when I would see a frog or toad suddenly leap from the shadows that I would get startled. Frogs and toads are mother nature's version of a 'jump scare.' So just the sight of one would leave me completely paralyzed."

Bullfrog in the hand
Kenneth C. Zirkel

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