We've all sat and agonized over a password right?? It has to be something that is easy to remember. It can't be something easy to figure out. (Ladies, how many of you have used the password .. or a pin number that spells .. LOVE?? Be honest!!) The objective is easy for you, impossible for everyone else.

Finding the right combination of difficult and easy isn't ... well, easy!! 

Here are a few tips for you on how to set complicated, hard to crack passwords; without having to memorize some insane, cryptic, nonsensical "word"!!

Hint number 1, don't use simple words like "password" or 1234.

Hint number 2, the longer the better! 

Hint number 3, use a combination of numbers and symbols!

My favorite?  A combination of letters and symbols that make up a word in a foreign language!

For more, check out this article from yahoo.com!