Everyone hates how bad traffic has been in El Paso lately. If you could pick which location has the worst traffic in El Paso, who would you side with?

Since all the construction has been going on, it has been giving us hell just to get home. The Westside has been giving people headaches due to the delay it takes to get home. But it is not only the Westside that goes through hell on the road. Also, the Westside has more than a few areas that are affected by traffic. It is not just the freeway that develops traffic. North Mesa Street usually has congestion in different areas. There is congestion by Executive Center, Sunland Park, and near Resler. As for the far East part of town, like Zaragoza, they don't really get the amount of congestion we do. The Eastside near Airway can also be a hassle when you're trying to get to the other side. The worst kind of traffic you can experience is when they shut down the freeway.

So if you're one who dreads driving to and from work because of the traffic, place your vote below!