A year ago someone gave a review and shared some footage about strippers who can't dance. Having a lot of dude friends I had my share of visiting a few gentleman's clubs back in the day. Many years ago I had been to a couple strip clubs and noticed a difference between the ones I have been to.

The strip clubs I did check out with my dude friends were Jaguars and Dreams. The dancers I did see at both strip clubs were pretty damn legit at what they do. Not only were the ladies really good dancers and also very friendly after my dude friends ran out of money. Another factor that makes the dance and dancer do their best has a lot to do with the music they choose. At Dreams, they mostly played hip-hop or R&B music for the ladies to get their groove on. Now at Jaguars, they had a mix of music from hip-hop to rock and some house.

It sounds crazy but the music actually makes the performance and visual THAT much better! I am curious about your two cents on which strip club you think has the best dancers. If you have a preference on what strip club has the best dancers in El Paso, place your vote in the poll down below!

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