Most Hispanics don't mind eating pan blanco for breakfast when they're on the go. In fact, the only thing we do mind is what topping we spread over the pan blanco. You're entitled to your own opinion but curious which topping is the most popular to spread on your pan blanco. I have tried all the ways to dress up your buttered bread that is hot out of the oven. There are also those that just prefer their bread with just butter without anything else on it. Pan blanco is the breakfast that is tasty, filling, and on the go for days when you're in a rush. People think putting honey on the pan blanco with butter doesn't sound appealing. But it is actually quite tasty and addicting. If you and people you know also eat this breakfast on the go, how do you dress your pan blanco up? There are many ways you can top it off so choose your topping below!

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