After the Metallica concert, I started thinking or wishing how more bands should consider using drones for their shows. I enjoyed every minute and had to record a part of the song that you will see above if you couldn’t attend. You may notice in the video I was totally amazed by the bright drones throughout the recording. Not sure about you but I have never gone to a concert that used the same kind of prop for their show. There are a lot of bands that use pyro techniques in their show which we’re used to. The only kind of prop I am not used to seeing are the drones that were used at Metallica. Another concert I attended a few years ago was for G-Eazy who wrapped up his show with confetti falling over the crowd at Don Haskins Center. Which type of prop do you enjoy seeing at a concert between pyro, confetti, and drones? Let us know the prop you prefer to see at a concert by selecting your answer below!

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