915 BeerFest is almost here and the place you can keep your craft beer options open. There will be all styles of craft beers you will be able to enjoy this Saturday, March 16! There are people who stick to just one particular style and that is it. Then there are those that drift around from a stout to a sour and not be prejudice. Luckily, working at a local brewery (DeadBeach Brewery) I can learn all there is to know about the styles of craft beer. Everyone has their particular choice of craft beer but a lot of them seem to say their taste-buds don’t agree with sours. For example, while brewing the sour tends to have an intense stench. If I knew the smell the sours made beforehand I probably would have been intimidated to try. The cause behind the smell the sour beer gives off while brewing is because of the wheat that is used. Pick the poison you will be enjoying at the 915 BeerFest this Saturday down below!

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