If your first Metallica concert was the most recent on February 28, 2019, consider yourself lucky. I am not saying their past shows in El Paso weren't amazing but let's just say we've advanced in technology. Before the closest to effects at past shows before technology advanced was using fire.

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But now, since times have and continue to change there is a major difference from past shows to present. The props have definitely advanced since those last four previous visits to El Paso. Even though I wasn't able to attend their previous concerts in El Paso I can bet they didn't use the electronics how they do now.

For example, have you can hear a song on a regular basis and enjoy it. But hearing and seeing the song with added visual effects can make that particular song so much more memorable. That is exactly how it was for me with Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" performance.

If you attended the concert in 2019 at Don Haskins Center, then you know how amazing their "Moth Into Flame" performance was with the flying drones. The flying drones definitely added that touch of awesomeness and will always think of that performance when I hear that song. All the songs were amazing to hear but curious what song you enjoyed the most thanks to the prop.

The whole show was amazing but my favorite song out of the entire performance was "Moth Into Flame" simply for the drones. If you didn't attend, you can see Jorelmusic's video above of "Moth Into Flame" with the flying drone. If you've needed your Metallica concert fix then Saturday, May 29 tune in to our next fantasy concert event, Metallica Mayhem Festival. Share your opinion by picking the song performed with the coolest prop in the poll below.

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