Since Covid-19 started affecting different countries some bands noticed and wanted to help. Those two bands are Shinedown and Weezer some you're familiar with hearing on KLAQ. I truly believe music helps cure the soul and can be uplifting during uncertain times. I love how two bands I have grown listening to created some tunes that relate to what we're currently experiencing. Shinedown was also impacted by the coronavirus pandemic since they had to cancel their Deep Dive Tour. Shinedown was quick on their toes when they created "Atlas Falls" their latest single. The purpose of that was to help support a non-profit humanitarian aid organization called Direct Relief. Their song for a cause helps provide protective gear for those who need it. If you download and purchase their special shirt all proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief. Shinedown's "Atlas Falls" is a reminder that despite these uncertain times we still got each other.

Another band we've all been listening to (since high school for me) is Weezer. The guys of Weezer also came through in the clutch with their anthem for essential workers. Weezer's pandemic anthem for essential workers you've heard lately is called "Hero" and it soothes the soul. Weezer also had to deal with a hardship of their own that involved their upcoming LP. The guys had to push back their upcoming LP release date due to Covid-19. I love both of these bands equally but curious about which band you believe has the best pandemic anthem. Feel free to leave your vote in the poll below.

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