There are a lot of people who still prefer to stay safe at home and put dining at their favorite restaurant aside. But there's a local restaurant that respects the safety of their customers enough to put recipes up online. The local restaurant that's offering recipes on social media is called Peter's German Grill & Bakery. Our local KFOX News Channel 14 is helping share the local restaurant owner Heinz Peter Schinkus's secret recipes.

Usually, most restaurants don't like giving up their recipes no matter what the situation is. But unlike Heinz Peter Schinkus he doesn't mind sharing recipes because he encourages the community to stay home. Normally most restaurants don't like to give out their recipes especially if it is the restaurant owner.

I started thinking of restaurants I would like to see share some of their recipes on social media. The recipe I would like to own is the green chile and cheese rice at Desert Oak Barbecue. Their rice is the and ALWAYS order that when I would visit. Even if the restaurant's recipes were shared I would still go for the real thing after the pandemic is over.

Now I for sure know of one restaurant that almost EVERYONE in El Paso has tried to match. There are even other food businesses and bars that try to make similar tacos from the good old Chico's Tacos. Chico's Tacos has been greatly missed by my family, friends, and even you lately. In the poll below choose which business you would like to see share their recipe.

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