During an attempt to teach the students the ways of inertia, a teacher accidentally hits a student with an axe right in the groin. Some people will do anything in the name of science.

Don't worry, the teacher didn't hit him with the hard part of the ax. As you can see in the video, a student lays down and holds a cinderblock on his chest. The teacher is standing over him, ready with an axe and to teach a lesson.

The teacher ends up missing the block and hits the student with the blunt end of the axe, right in the family jewels. No official reports of the teacher being fired, but the title of the YouTube video gives us a hint, "How the Physics Teacher Lost His Job."

The real lesson learned during this demonstration is to not allow a frustrated teacher have access to cinder blocks and axes. I had a teacher set our classroom ceiling on fire when I was back in high school. It was the best day of school, ever.