There’s going to be a total solar eclipse in April of 2024.


Lots of the U.S. will see some version of the sun being blotted out by the moon…and the most spectacular views will be seen in Texas.

The path of totality…a narrow strip where there will be a 100% blockage of the sun…will cut a swath right through the middle of the Lone Star State.

Unfortunately, El Paso won’t be inside that very narrow ribbon of totality. But, we’ll be right in the “second row”. At the very least, “third row”.

Dallas, Austin, and Waco are cities in Texas that will be smack-dab in the middle of the zone for a 100% eclipse. El Paso will be just outside the 100% zone, but we’ll still get an 80% eclipse without leaving the city.

Here is a highly technical, very detailed map of the path of the 2024 eclipse.

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Buzz Adams
Buzz Adams

As you can see from this high-def image, the entire state will see the eclipse to some extent. Dallas is one of the largest cities that will be in the direct path. For about four full minutes on April 8, 2024 people in Dallas will fall completely under the celestial shadow.

Dogs make freak out. Bats may accidentally come out for a few confused moments before bursting into flames (I assume bats have the same rules as vampires). At 12:23 p.m., stars may even be briefly visible during the Dallas lunch hour.

El Paso will be over 300 miles from the 100% “main event”. But, we’ll still see a substantial dimming. The eclipse will be about 80% in El Paso.

If 80% isn’t good enough, you can always drive about 5 ½ hours due east on Interstate 10. Once you hit Sonora, Texas you’ll still need to drive another 30 or 40 miles. Once you hit the town of Junction, Texas…you’ll be in the path of totality.

Be very careful if you make that trip, though. There could be flaming bats.

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