I fell down a rabbit hole last week watching videos of vintage Borderland. You can check out those articles with videos.

CLICK HERE to check out a video of the Borderland during the 50s.

CLICK HERE for a video that shows El Paso, Juarez, and Fort Bliss from the early 60s.

Now, we're checking out El Segundo Barrio from the 70s. Check out the video above.

El Segundo Barrio has an amazing history. It's one of the most historic and oldest areas of El Paso, and it was one of the main ports of entry to the United States for many, many years, earning if the nickname "the other Ellis Island."

The first historic neighborhood in El Paso was Barrio Chihuahuita, with the second being El Segundo Barrio. Once the railroad arrived to El Paso in 1881, the city saw a massive boom in population. During the Mexican Revolution, many Mexicans headed north to the United States, with the wealthier of the group continuing north, while the poor remained in the barrio.

Things got hectic for the barrio when it became severely overpopulated in the 1930s. The city finally made improvements to the area in the 60s by paving and lighting the streets. In 2006, the major flooding that hit El Paso really hit El Segundo Barrio hard, with the area being evacuated in August of 2006.

Do you have photos, videos, or stories from days of El Paso past? Feel free to reach out to us on the Buzz Adams Morning Show Facebook page.

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