Something Pfunny is going on in the town of Pflugerville, Texas!

Pflugerville is a fast-growing city, home to over 57,000 residents. Pronounced "floo-gr-vil" the city was officially founded in 1965. The city is named in honor of Henry Pfluger.

Pflugerville, TX Municipal Government via Facebook
Pflugerville, TX Municipal Government via Facebook


This is at least according to the city's website, which is full of lots of useful information like pfeatured events. No, that's not a typo, see, in Pflugerville, they're pulling the biggest, and probably the most epic, dad joke ever!

In Pflugerville, if the word starts with an "f", you can bet that they will add a "p" right before it! You have to check out this TikTok video of it.

The comments were filled with laughter and it got some to even start adding that "p" in front of the "f"! Someone in the comments said:

I have been here 8 months and I still laugh at every pf I see. It truly is hilarious.

As you can see, in Pflugerville, they don't just have regular festivals, they have "pfestivals". Their high school football field isn't a regular field, it's a "pfield". Isn't that kind of pfantastic?!

Okay, it's a little cheesy, but I think it's kind of cool that the entire community can gather round and continue this joke! Like, next month they'll be having a "pfun run"

And most recently, the city held a coffee and "pfuel" car meetup.

Pflugerville sounds like one of those little towns you see in a Hallmark movie and I kind of love it!

Most Googled Questions in Texas

Google has become the go-to to find out anything. In fact, Google is now a verb instead of a noun. Just about every single person has access to Google and now they have an answer to every single question at their fingertips.

In one day, Google does 8.5 billion searches. That's in one day!

With that many searches you would think people would come up with some interesting questions, but no these are the questions Texans are asking Google the most.



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