Buzzfeed asked people what were the pettiest ways they had gotten back at someone in a relationship. Here are just a few.

“My boyfriend wouldn’t let me watch a show on the big TV because football. He didn’t know that my phone worked as a remote, so I kept changing it to the Catholic channel right as someone was going to score.” —meganh4623b02ca

Okay, that one is kind of funny. But only to a certain point. Maybe do it a couple times, but if you're still doing it in the fourth quarter, I'm finding out why the channel keeps changing and taking the phone away.

I told my ex that I didn’t love him, I never did, he’s a major asshole, and I was going to break up with him ASAP, but I said it all in Spanish. He doesn’t understand Spanish, and he said I was cute and he liked it when I ‘talk the sexy language’ to him. I broke up with him three days later.” —rcdpowers1999

Ummm, why did it take three days for you to break up with him?

One time my boyfriend was really pissing me off, so I filled his bedside table drawer with Cheez-Its. They’re still in there, and I laugh every time I open the drawer!” —ls2310

I'd be more concerned with the fact they're still in there. Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.

“He still had my Netflix, so I waited until he finished the second to last episode of some show to change my password.” —baileyj4f3c6d6c8

This one I like. Because obviously the relationship is over, and if he's still using your Netflix account, what better way to screw with him?

“He called me a name, so I cut all the nipples out of his shirts and broke his CDs and put them under his pillow for him to find when he went to bed.”deonnar2

We'll get to this one in a bit, after this next one.

“One of my girls at work had this guy who did nothing but cheat on her with his ex. She caught them in her car messing around, so when he was out of town, his mother let her into his apartment and she trashed everything in it. His mom knew and she was totally OK with it. That was pretty savage.” —Sherri Thomas, Facebook

I think I heard Bill Burr talk about this on his podcast, or a stand up. I'm not sure. But he asks the same question that I have. How is this acceptable behavior? How is it just constantly shrugged off that women can destroy a guy's property?

But even though I have those questions, I also know, that chances are there were signs pointing to the woman being a destructive psycho. And quite honestly, the last one, about the cheating guy, it's simple. Don't be a cheating d***bag.

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