The iconic People’s Emporium building still stands today even after the once-go-to Halloween shop closed years ago.


The two-story building in Central El Paso was once upon a time the place to score legit costumes and a one-stop-shop every year for all things Halloween up until it finally shut down.

Today the People's Emporium name still can be made out across the top of the building, which sits on the corner of Yandell and Birch.

It’s been years since People's Emporium closed, but I remember going there after school and hanging on the bookstore side of the store for hours and chatting with a couple of my friends who worked there.

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The second floor housed hundreds of costumes from the most intricate to the gory, as well as colorful wigs, masks, hats, and all sorts of hard-to-find items. I even remember there was even a seamstress that would alter and create custom orders on-site.

Not only was People’s Emporium an incredible store that sold all sorts of wacky, cool, creepy stuff, including endless stacks of books on the supernatural and occult and one-of-a-kind costumes, but it was also reportedly haunted.

I recall roaming the store while waiting for my friend to close up shop and hearing movement and footsteps upstairs when no one was there.

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During another instance, I was in the book emporium portion of the store when a cold breeze swept through, and I felt someone or something tug at my hair. I never did roam the store alone after that.


Sadly Halloween shops like the People’s Emporium have been phased out due to seasonal pop-up shops that wipe out the authenticity of a genuinely haunted and one-of-a-kind Halloween shop.

Today the People's Emporium building has been converted into a sign shop, and while the once mysterious shop may be gone now, the memories of its eerie vibe lives-on.

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