Creating playlists gives everyone the chance to be their own DJ. Many music streaming sites give people the opportunity to create their different playlists that they can ultimately share with other users. Sean Branton is being praised for his unique playlist he made on Spotify: "Songs that Get Drunk White Girls Excited."

The 23-year-old playlist genius is getting plenty of attention. Just looking at the list, you can see that it's probably made many a drunk white girl yell, "OMG, this is my jam." What makes this list so funny is just how accurate it is and why Branton even created it in the first place.

Branton made this playlist during his college days back in 2012 at the University of Pennsylvania. He was obviously the perfect person to be in charge of the music for a Flag Day party. He chose these songs for the playlist simply by listing whatever made him instantly dance -- and adding songs that sometimes made him want to shove knives in his ears.

The true reason for the playlist's creation is to be a fun way to get people pumped for a party, not to start an argument over stereotypes. "Everybody gets that it's just a fun joke. Nobody sees it as a piece of gender politics," Branton says." According to DailyDot, even Fetty Wap's label contacted Branton to add 'Trap Queen' to the playlist. Surprisingly, he didn't answer them back.