If you have an opinion about parking Downtown ... and, I knoooow you do ... the city of El Paso is listening!

An online survey has been posted on the city of El Paso website regarding the parking Downtown. Granted, the city usually completely freakin' ignores our thoughts and opinions but, let's humor them on this one. Spending a few minutes here certainly won't make things any worse and, in theory, may actually help some. To take the survey, click here.

While you're there, scroll around the website. Do you know what El Paso's strategic plan is? The plan for Cohen Stadium? How to demand to see city records? Those answers and many more are all there. We all complain, often quite justifiably, about things. Sometimes though, issues can be avoided by getting ahead of them and sites like this one can help. Win or lose, sooner is always better. It's more likely your complaint will get some traction before the situation develops rather than during or after.

The website and various local news agency sites are a great way to keep track of what's going on. But, only if you use them!!