An aquarium in France has become a haven for unwanted pet goldfish in the country. For most kids, the first pet their parents got them was a fish. Fish are an easy pet for many young children to enjoy. All you have to do is feed them and occasionally clean their tank. The problem for goldfish, or any pet, is what could happen to them when their owners don't want them anymore. Some owners will simply put their fish into a local lake or pond and hope that the fish will have a happier life. Unfortunately, freeing a domestic fish into local waterways can be devastating to the environment. It can throw off the balance in the ecosystem.

Now an aquarium in Paris has started a program to help out over 600 unwanted goldfish. They have now provided a sanctuary for all those unwanted fish, no matter the reason they're unwanted. The fish are put through health screenings and quarantined until they are pronounced healthy. Then they're introduced into their new home and all their new friends. For owners who rethink their decision to give up their family pet, the aquarium will allow them to come back and get their fish. Although finding their one fish in a sea of over 600 is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack.

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