A recent article detailed some things that teachers are seeing in the background during online classes. This generation may be doomed.

A recent news report from Florida, revealed some of the things that teachers are catching during online classes.

Parents, unaccustomed I guess to both being around their kids while they are live streaming and also not used to being home so much with nothing to do, are letting it all hang out.

The report mentions things teachers are learning about the situations their students live and learn in. Things like parents walking around in only underwear and/or smoking big old fatties.

They've also caught a few ankle monitors and a few day drinkers, even morning drinkers. Granted, those peeps may work nights so, that may not be all that odd.

When I worked nights, the clerks at Circle K always gave me weird looks as I flipped through magazines, waiting for 7am so I could buy beer. Let's not judge, ok?

It's not cool to talk smack about people but, in defense of teachers everywhere, parents please, let's have a little decorum here.

If not for your kids' sake, then out of respect for the trauma you're subjecting all of these poor teachers to.

Face it, we're not all underwear models and the teachers, not to mention your children have it tough enough in 2020.

One last thing. I don't know if this applies to El Paso but, in Florida, they record these things. Just so you know, I'd hate to see your granny panties go viral.

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