Our city is diseased, literally, by a rampaging flu epidemic. I usually get the flu vaccine but I didn’t this year. I haven’t suddenly gone anti-vaxxer. It’s just that Walgreens usually sends a pharmacist by the studio, we chit chat about the need for the flu vaccine and then they shoot us all up. This year, they didn’t make their annual visit and I guess, with so many other things going on, I lapsed. My fingers are double crossed now that I’ve read the most recent data. According the Walgreens Flu index, which produces weekly reports of populations experiencing the flu, El Paso and Las Cruces are both in the top ten of Designated Market Areas or (DMAs) with flu activity.

As of the report posted December 29th 2018, El Paso and Las Cruces (they’re packaged as one community) rank as the second worst in the U.S.

Texas as a whole had a rough year with the flu. Over 9,000 flu related deaths made 2018 the deadliest flu season ever in Texas.

While the populations most at risk are young children and the elderly, obviously, no one is immune. And, unlike Disturbed, this is one sickness you don’t want to be down with.

Peak flu season is in late January and into February. Influenza is a virus which means it can’t be treated with antibiotics. Here are a few true facts about the flu:

It is true that if you don’t get the vaccine, you may NOT get the flu.

It is true that you may get the vaccine and STILL get the flu.

Despite the two previous factoids, doctors still say getting the flu vaccine IS the wisest course of action.

This is projected to be a very bad flu season and El Paso and Las Cruces are going to be hit hard.

Also, Dallas, Tyler-Longview and Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen…ALL in the top ten.

This blog is not in any way sponsored by Walgreens or any other pharmacy. Here’s an interactive map of all the places near you that you can get the flu vaccine.


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