Could Van Hagar live and breathe again??

According to Sammy Hagar, it could!  Time really does heal all wounds I guess. After a lot of "no way", "it'll NEVER happen and " uh uh's", the Red Rocker recently told Rolling Stone that the chances of him working with Ed Van Halen again were about 90 percent.  If .......

I'd say it's up there around 90 percent. I would love to make another record with Van Halen. If Eddie was totally cool and was back to the guy I used to know, or a new guy, not the guy I knew the last time [laughs]. He can’t be that guy. I wouldn’t do it if he was like that. It’s below zero, minus zero. But if Eddie really got his life together, which it seems he has judging by the pictures I've seen, then definitely.

Via Rolling Stone online

Ed??  Sounds like the balls in your court bro; give Sammy back the tequila and get jamming!!