Otherwise’s video for ‘Soldiers’ opens with a poignant quote. The words “For the warriors who fight and die… so the rest of us may fight to live” scrolls on screen, and the rest of the ensuing black and white footage features shots of the people who work with their hands, who save lives, who wear uniforms, who wait tables, who fix things, who use stethoscopes and who are generally the threads making up the fabric of this great country of ours. With a twist, of course.

The video, which Loudwire is proud to premiere, also celebrates everyman and everywoman. You know, the good, solid people who do things like roller derby, hang out and have fun. It’s full of images of red-blooded, workaday Middle Americans, as opposed to the military personnel that the title might make you think of at first. However, the video is indeed an indirect way of thanking uniformed military men and women, by displaying images of the civilians who benefit from their efforts.

There’s also footage of the band performing spliced in between, as well.

The quote, which preludes the video itself, is a direct dedication to the brave men and women who serve in the United States military,” says Otherwise vocalist Adrian Patrick. “Their service allows our country’s citizens to pursue their individual ideas of happiness.”

Patrick continues, “This song and video celebrate the beauty that is America. ‘Soldiers’ is an anthem for everyone living on the frontlines of life; every soldier is human, and we’re all human. We are all fighting for something.”

The video for ‘Soldiers’ in your face, both physically and thematically. The band is performing, but other than that, they are mostly obscured, with shots of Patrick, also an everyman pursuing his dream, cloaked in a hoodie in scenes where he is not fronting the band. It’s an effective method, since it turns the focus on the frontliners.

‘Soldiers’ will appear on Otherwise’s upcoming debut album, ‘True Love Never Dies,’ which will be released on May 8.

Watch Otherwise ‘Soldiers’

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