The band Otherwise has written a very, VERY cool song about ... and for ... our Soldiers.

It's called "Soldiers" and it's gotten a great response since we began playing it here on The Q.  Here in the El Paso/White Sands/Alamogordo area we have so many men and women wearing that uniform, that this song becomes even more special.

Here is Otherwise doing an acoustic version of the song during a recent radio interview.

It's an awesome song and, done acoustically, it takes on even more feeling!  Much love to all serving or who have served in Americas' military. You're the best and we all owe you an enormous debt!

If you see a soldier shake their hand and tell them thank you!

Here's the official "Soldiers" video;

We are the ones who will never be broken

With our final breath, we'll fight to the death

We Are Soldiers! We Are Soldiers!

We are the ones who will not go unspoken (unspoken)

No we will not sleep, we are not sheep

We Are Soldiers! We Are Soldiers! Yeah!

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