Got new video for you guys from 2 bands today and one of them is coming to see us this weekend!

We begin with some good friends of El Chuco, Cage9!  These bros have played here a number of times, including a crazy Balloonfest performance! For their latest project, "Illuminator", they took full control writing the music and doing the video themselves!

Otherwise release new video, plan El Paso concert
Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images

Otherwise are driving through town and planned to stop by The Q to say hi to El Paso and down a few beers together.  That was cool enough right there but it got cooler. Turns out a routing fluke left them with a whole day off so now we've gone from interview to acoustic performance!

I can't tell you where but, I can tell you to listen to KLAQ all week and keep visiting for chances to win an invitation to the party/concert!

Here's "Coming For The Throne" to warm you up ... good luck!

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