Anyone who's seen some of my stories knows I have a thing for racing; soo of course I've followed a couple of NASCAR channels on YouTube. On in particular is Eric Estepp, from Texas, who has the Out of the Groove YouTube channel. Anyone who's seen the Ghost #4 race car, is familiar with Eric; he had a hand in bringing that car onto the racetrack at Phoenix earlier this year.

Eric Estepp also had his very own race car in NASCAR

To celebrate having nearly 200k subscribers on YouTube, he teamed up with Brennan Poole & JD Motorsports to have his OWN NASCAR race car running at Phoenix this upcoming weekend: a black & yellow #6 Chevy (very reminiscent of Matt Kenseth's 17 Dewalt he ran in NASCAR)

To show his appreciation, some fans were featured on the car

But that's not all, on the back of the car includes a couple of names of 250 lucky fans who pre-ordered a special die-cast OF that car & to get their name included on the real thing for the race.


One of the names on the car belongs to someone from KLAQ.

That is indeed a lot of names but there's one in particular I wanted to focus on...

Eric Estepp via Twitter
Eric Estepp via Twitter

Don't see it? Well let's zoom in a little closer...

Eric Estepp via Twitter
Eric Estepp via Twitter

THAT'S ME! That's MY name featured with 249 other lucky fans who got their names written on the back of the car! I've always wanted to have my name included on a race car & this Saturday, it came true.

The car took to the track & here's how it did.

In the end, the #6 car driven by Brennan Poole finished 29th place. It took some damage but it didn't crash out. Meaning it was able to run the entire race no problem.

I wish Brennan Poole much more success with his racing career & Eric Estepp plenty of success on YouTube!

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