The Tap is a bar unlike any other, and the best part has always been the food. Now that food is coming to you.

The Tap is a restaurant/bar that is a hidden gem in Downtown El Paso. One of my favorite haunts, the Tap is somewhere you can go and completely lose track of time. From the dim lighting, the atmosphere and the fabulous sign in the front, the Tap is a place you can't forget. But my favorite part of this restaurant is the delicious food. The amazing cooks at the Tap can whip up everything from torta de deshebrada, flautas, burritos and let's not forget the world famous nachos! Bands come from all over the world to play in El Paso and you can hear many of them talk about how they have heard of this place.

Finally, if you are craving some delicious Mexican food from the Tap, they are now getting a food truck! Food trucks have become widely popular all over and especially here in El Paso, and the Tap isn't missing out on a great new opportunity. The Tap Restaurant and Bar posted to their Facebook page the picture of a new food truck with the words, "The Tap On Wheels," and "Coming Soon!" Well, I cannot wait and it seems that a lot of other people agree. The picture has gained many positive reviews from people commenting on the new food truck. I'll be one of the first people in line when this opens.