The decades-long battle between the Tiguas and the State Of Texas is flaring up again over an El Paso Times article on Bingo.

According to the El Paso Times, the Texas State Attorney General wants the Tigua Indians be held in contempt of court and that they be forced to allow inspectors onto the reservation. (They're not currently required to do so.)

The Attorney General says that; "by offering bingo and related games, the tribe is violating a 2002 prohibition." EP Times reports that The Tiguas, along with the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of East Texas say that:

letters written by U.S. Interior Department officials last year mean they’re subject to a 1988 federal law that allows them to offer Class II gambling under the supervision of the National Indian Gaming Commission.

More and more it seems like this is an issue between The Tribe(s) and the Gaming Commission; NOT the state. Tigua Attorney Dolph Barnhouse also told the EP Times that; "the Tiguas would be regulated by federal authorities because it’s a sovereign tribe". What do you think?