Last month, Santuario de Misericordia church in Borja, Spain, was in the news. They were planning to restore a painting of Jesus on their walls by a 19th-century painter named Elias Garcia Martinez, but things went horribly wrong when a parishioner took it upon herself to restore the painting. She sucked so bad everybody's been going to the church to see the suckiness. So now she wants money!

Her hilarious destruction of the painting made international news, and the photo spread all over the Internet. And because of that, tourists are apparently flocking to the church to see the painting.
Cecilia is now demanding that the church pay her some of the money they've collected thanks to her painting. Seriously. She's even filed a copyright case saying the painting is her work, forcing the church to hire legal counsel to prepare to fight Cecilia, even though she still might face vandalism charges!

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