Thanks to, we now know that Texans love buying motorized kayaks. Here is a list of products that each states looks to purchase on Google more than other states.

In Texas, it's the following:

  • Confederate flag bumper sticker
  • Igloo mini fridge
  • Hillary toilet paper
  • urinary catheter
  • truck gun rack
  • motorized kayak (the Rascal of kayaks)
  • cowboy hat rack
  • boot-cut jeans
  • five-toe shoes
  • 90s overalls
  • Daisy Duke shorts
  • leather cuffs
  • concealed carry corset
  • Nazi memorabilia
  • casket sprays
  • waterless urine

In New Mexico, it's these following products:

  • PlayStation VR
  • digital camera
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • instant camera
  • jackalope
  • Baseboard Buddy
  • Chia Pet
  • dreamcatcher
  • brass knuckles
  • prayer flag
  • food dehydrator
  • cowboy hat
  • cosmetics
  • snow cone machine

How goddamn normal is New Mexico's list? I mean, Texas at least has Hillary toilet paper, leather cuffs, and personal favorite, the concealed carry corset. This might be the most normal thing New Mexico has ever done or been attached to.

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