If I had any lingering doubts about the intentions of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, this pretty much puts them to bed.

I haven't heard a peep from OWS in months. Months! But according to news sources they are planning to demonstrate today.

May 1st.

May Day.

That's right. The day that is universally recognized as "International Workers Day".

Now, I'm all for "workers". I'm a worker.  All my friends are workers. In fact, the only people who aren't workers are people who can take a Tuesday off and go and bitch about how bad they've got it.

You see, part of the Occupy protest is a "general strike" in which they are encouraging workers not to go to work and student's not to go to school.

Occupy protesters and labor and immigration activists are participating in a "May Day" general strike across the country on Tuesday, encouraging workers and students not to show up for work or school. Protest organizers said they intended to show the "1 percent" what life without the "99 percent" would look like."

I would say what you're really showing the 1% are which of their employees are slackers and should be passed over when that next big promotion comes up.  If I were a CEO or a business owner and I knew that one of my employees took a day off to express they're dissatisfaction, I would help them out by freeing up the rest of their weekdays so they could protest with their komrades to their hearts content!

I love how the bulk of these Occupy clowns seem to be college students or in their very early twenties.  They have little or no actual work experience, they haven't had the privilege yet of seeing a huge chunk of their pay-check confiscated by the Federal government,  and they've more than likely taken more out of the system than they've put in. However, they've taken a couple of freshman level class and their professors (who've also spent their entire lives in the protected bubble of Academia) have "opened their eyes" to the inherent evil of capitalism and the need for redistribution of wealth.

It's always amazing to me that 19 year olds have figured out every problem that has faced mankind. And after only 2 semesters...what geniuses!! Now go show me where Canada is on a map, Isaac Newton.

The timing of this May Day demonstration has really shown the Occupiers true colors.


In Soviet Russia, May Day was the most important state holiday of the year. Really, it was one of the few holidays left after 60 years of brutal repression of religious freedom and cultural homogenization.  I guess they'd let you celebrate you're birthday if you were lucky enough to wait in line long enough to buy flour to make yourself a cake. Candles were a luxury for members of the politburo only, though.

But we're talking about the Occupy Wall Street kids. The Soviet Union has been gone longer than most of them have been alive. All they know is what some bitter ex-hippie with full tenure has taught them out of a Howard Zinn textbook: America=bad. USSR=Workers Paradise.