The revolution is being televised — and Facebooked, Tweeted and YouTubed. As expected, Tom Morello took to the streets around New York’s Wall Street today (Oct. 13) to perform an acoustic set under his Nightwatchman guise in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Fans and protestors alike were out in full force with digital cameras ready to document every guitar strum, vocal line and inspiring call to action by the Rage Against the Machine axe-man..

The arrival of cooler autumn weather in New York put a bit of a dent into the number of protestors taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement, but the Nightwatchman wasn’t about to let that damper things on his, ahem, watch. Crowd estimates were not immediately available, but his appearance certainly brought the people out in full force.

“My name is Tom Morello, but my friends call me Nightwatchmen,” Morello told the gathered masses. “You can call me the Nightwatchman. It’s an honor to be with you today.”

Morello could’ve easily pumped up the crowd and whipped it into a frenzy of Rage-induced vitriol, ready to confront any resistance the nearby riot police might show. But armed only with a six-sting acoustic, he took a more low key and peaceful — but equally passionate — route. He performed ‘The Fabled City,’ ‘Save the Hammer for the Man’ and ‘World Wide Rebel Songs.’

He even busted out ‘This Land Is Your Land,’ a traditional folk tune rewritten by Woodie Guthrie and performed by everyone from Bob Dylan at ’60s civil rights protests through to Bruce Springsteen’s revamping of the tune at rallies for then-Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

Tom Morello Speaks at the Occupy Wall Street Protest (Courtesy of

Tom Morello Performs ‘This Fabled City’ at the Occupy Wall Street Protest (Courtesy of