Dubba G here. Chillin' in the waiting room of a hospital.

I'm fine but, seriously bored. Hopefully, you will not find yourself in similar circumstances but, if you do, here's what you can look forward to:

  • Absolutely no one, nor anything, will be on time.
  • Electric sockets are few.  (TIP: Listen carefully ... without being obvious ... to other peoples conversations. This will help you determine who's leaving soon and that info will help you maneuver toward the next available socket.)
  • Bring a snack. As I said, nothings going to happen on time and you don't want to get to the point where Cheetos smell absolutely heavenly.
  • Avoid the waiting room coffee. Nasty stuff. I think they're actually trying to drum up business with this stuff.
  • If the vending machine rips you off, don't expect any sympathy.  (Or a refund.)
  • Sit against the wall so you can lean your head back for a comfier napping experience.
  • Might want to bring a jacket too, it's freakin' freezing in here.
  • World Cup Soccer fans are much less boisterous here.  (TIP: If you're not a fan of loud crowds or annoying drunks, consider watching games here.)
  • A passing service dog can easily become the most exciting moment of the day.

The oddest part of the whole experience? Being in a roomful of El Pasoans and not seeing ANY nachos or churros. Hopefully, you can avoid hospitals but these notes apply just as well at the El Paso International Airport, city offices and the DMV!

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