There are so many people I have heard that rag about a particular side of town in El Paso. Over the years I have heard locals complain about how the Northeast is a troubled area to live in.

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But honestly, EVERY side of town has its own "bad areas" if you think about it. For example, even the Westside has some "hood" areas I am proud to say I grew up around.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder how so many people have more bad to say than good. Northeast isn't as bad as some people happen to claim it is.

Seriously though all parts of El Paso either have crime or something else wild enough to land on The Real Fit Fam El Paso. There was a YouTube video I came across from an El Paso Realtor promoting the Northeast.

Michael Hughes El Paso Realtor's YouTube video gives you a bird's-eye view of different parts of the Northeast. What I love about the Northeast is how it is literally in the middle of everything.

If you're in the Northeast and need to head West, just skip straight through Transmountain. Plus Northeast has a spot for off-roading fanatics known as Tiger Eye.

Plus, the Northeast is the only area in El Paso that has a good and evil side. Yes, I am referring to the Devil's and Angel's Triangle which happens to be in the Northeast.

Plus the Border Patrol Museum is located in the Northeast which has some sweet rides to show off. Now if I had to share an unpopular opinion about Northeast El Paso, it would be that part of town isn't really all that bad.

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