The Go10 project strikes again Sunday as the eastbound I-10 overpass at Mesa gets demolished.

The El Paso Times reports that I-10 will be closed from 3am Sunday morning, until 6am Monday morning for the demolition. The bridge itself will be out of commission for about 4 months.

Once reopened on Monday, eastbound I-10 traffic will merge to the center median. In a few months, pretty much the same scenario will play out on the westbound side. According to the El Paso Times:

Motorists are advised to avoid the area on Sunday by using alternate routes such as Trans Mountain Road, or if it can’t be avoided, follow the detour at the Redd Road exit onto Doniphan Drive. Traffic on Mesa Street at I-10 also will be impacted as the street will be closed in both directions.

On and on it goes... For maps and more info, click here.

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