Just because you don't have a date for Valentines Day doesn't mean you have to sit at home hungry.

Bring a picture of your ex to Hooters, next to Cielo Vista Mall, and shred it for 10 free wings!  They have a giant shredder there waiting for you and your ex's pic.  Shred that "d" and/or "b" word and, when you order 10 wings, Hooters will match you with another 10. For Free!!

Tips from Dubba G:

  • Pay attention to your fellow shredders. They're lonely and they like wings too.
  • With that in mind, don't get sauce all over yourself and watch your breath.
  • Use a long forgotten pic. If there's any hope at all for making up, you don't want to have to explain where your "favorite" went.
  • Remember, some of the Hooters Girls are single. Behave and tip well.

If you just can't face the world this year, click here to shred your exe's photo online and get a coupon for free wings.  Then you can order to go and wallow in your sadness at home...with buffalo sauce all over your face and garlic breath.

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