Parking for UTEP games has just gotten a lot tougher. Because of last weekend's massive brawl that erupted in the parking lot of the Life Care Center on Mesa, the parking lot is now closed during game days. No parking. No tailgating.

We've all seen the video of the huge brawl that broke out in the parking lot of the Life Care Center on Mesa before UTEP took on Texas Tech last weekend. Today, Life Care officials announced the consequence of those actions - no parking and no tailgating in the parking lot before football games.

Las Palmas has permanently changed their policy, and will only allow their parking lot to be open during regular business hours for their patients. Las Palmas officials said they made the decision as a direct result of the fight in their parking lot. They went on to say they regret any inconvenience to the community.

The El Paso Youth Rugby Foundation had been selling tickets to park there as part of their fundraising, but will no longer be allowed to do that.

If you need to find other parking, here is link to official tailgating and parking areas around campus.