The El Paso Independent School District has announced a new plan for children attending school virtually.

EPISD has announced a new plan to do away with homework for their online students. The following announcement was posted on their Facebook page:

The District today informed teachers that while district-wide virtual learning continues, EPISD has placed a freeze on homework. The freeze will be re-evaluated once in-person instruction starts district-wide.
The freeze is meant to limit screen time for students during virtual learning and reduce unnecessary stress on students and parents during the pandemic. - EPISD Facebook
This "No Homework" policy, according to the EPISD Facebook post, does not apply to students who are involved with Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and International Baccalaureate courses. Work will be kept offline as much as possible for those students ... and for students in general .... while those who actually want homework or other extra assignments will be accommodated. (Those assignments will not be graded though.)
These are indeed crazy times but, what a time to be a student, huh??  School is all but canceled ... you don't have to physically get up and go every day anyway ... and now homework has been done away with. Where was this pandemic when I was in school??
I guess the old saying really is true, every cloud has a silver lining. Seriously though, it is rough on students dealing with the weirdness of 2020 and this plan, along with many others I'm sure, will be reviewed when regular schooling resumes.

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