Clearly, none of us can forget the time frame from when the pandemic started and how long it has been lasting. Now the day the pandemic had people worried pets were thrilled.

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Sure pets had no clue what was going on in the world but they noticed their owner was staying home a lot more. Every pet hates to see its owner leave for a long period of time but shows tons of excitement for your return.

During the pandemic, students had to do virtual learning for a long period of time. Well, learning at home has its advantages since you get to learn with your pets around.

Just how it was for one human and cat student who recently graduated and has been going viral lately. Francesca Bordier and her cat Suki recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

Her cat Suki attended every online class Francesca had and somehow enjoyed every lecture and class. Just refer to FOX 7 Austin's news clip in the YouTube video below.

But this has me curious and wondering how many UTEP pet graduates are in the El Paso house. We know how our pets have separation anxiety and were more than happy to sit by your side through lectures.

For reals, my sister's Labradors are so attached to her. They cry so much she when leaves them or will tear stuff up leaving a major mess for her to pick up when she returns.

My son's cat Logan graduated from elementary since he was around my son during his Zoom classes. So, I want to know if any cats, dogs, snakes, or spiders attended lectures with their owners in the borderland. Place your vote in the poll below if your pet earned credits from online classes.

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