If there is one thing El Pasoans know, it's nachos. When a photo of a takeout container of nachos from the Clint Independent School District was released by some parents, the El Paso interwebs said, pos, que es eso?

After a lot of grief, the Clint school district is explaining the photo. District officials say those aren't nachos, they're chilaquiles, a scoop of refried beans, and tomato slices. Now I know know chilaquiles, I've eaten a lot of chilaquiles, and Clint Independent School District, those are no chilaquiles.

A lot of parents thought the same thing. “Dried up nachos." "A chocolate cookie." "Nothing I would eat." Those are just some of the comments on El Paso Facebook pages in reaction to the 'chilaquiles.' A lot of parents said they work and don't really look at the lunches that their kids get delivered, but after the viral photo, they are going to take a better look in the future.

A lot of parents did have CISD's back. They said the district has gone to the bother of delivering food to kid's houses so parents really shouldn't complain, they should just be thankful their kids are getting fed.

CISD told a local news station that their menu has changed because of COVID-19 and Tuesday’s menu had the cheese chilaquiles, tomato wedges, refried beans, a fresh red apple and milk. They also said that there were other food items that were offered that didn't make it to the viral photo. Well, yeah, this was a food shaming photo, not an Insta filtered pic.

Clint ISD said they are committed to making sure every child gets a quality meal but they do know Tuesday's lunch wasn't the quality they strive for and apologized to the district's parents.

You know, sometimes we all have a bad day in the kitchen. Shake it off, CISD. You took the heat, now get back in the kitchen.

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