A long overdue law has finally been passed.

We live with rising crime rates, rising alcohol related death rates, and rising rates of drug use and addiction.  Many people we do manage to convict of a crime are back on the streets before their parking meter has expired.  Our neighbor to the south has fallen almost completely under cartel control. 

Thank God we have leaders here who are not afraid to stand up and address the key issues that affect the safety and welfare of us all!  Not afraid to make and enforce laws that will show all those who would threaten our very way of life that; "we ain't playin'"!! 

We can't keep our kids safe but .. dammit .. we will defend to the death our chili!!  According to the El Paso Times, a law has been passed in New Mexico to protect that succulent little red (or green ... your call) gift from above. Read more here.

New Mexico Governess Martinez, I salute you.  Rest easy my Brothers .. all is well!