NMSU lifeguard, Neva Williams and her boyfriend, were heading to the campus pool, when a hawk attacked her. The hawk didn't attack Williams just for fun, she was defending her young.

As Williams made her way to the pool, the hawk hit her in the back of her head. The attack left her with a scar on her face, from her left eye and stretching across the bridge of her nose.

Signs have now been places around the area where a nest has been spotted in a tree around Rentfrow Gymnasium. These signs are urging NMSU students and faculty to steer clear of the pair of hawks and their young.

"Hawks are defensive. They do have a young one," said Doña Ana Community College biology professor Jonathan Davis.

As of now, NMSU is warning anyone who comes close enough to the nest, about the possibility of being attacked. The hawks are expected to leave the nest in about two to three weeks.