New Mexico State University has upgraded its vending machines.

It's always nice to have a vending machine handy for those days when you forget your lunch or get thirsty and realize you left your travel mug at home. These days though, things more important than munchies can be forgotten.

Enter NMSU and their new vending machines stocked with, not snacks and drinks but things like masks, hand sanitizers, and other "essentials". This is a game-changer and these things could soon be as commonplace as current vending machines are.

According to the El Paso Herald-Post:

The machines will be stocked daily with hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves, reusable and disposable masks, safety glasses, disinfectant wipes and other items, which are offered without charge to NMSU employees using their Aggie ID number or a swipe of their Aggie ID card. Funds for the supplies come from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Great idea NMSU. Face it, if you forget your lunch or get thirsty, that's your problem. Businesses, schools, hospitals, etc will still let you in. If you forget your mask though, you're hosed. You have to either go back home to get yours or find someplace to buy one as current laws prohibit entry without a mask. (That's the law, common sense says you should also keep hand sanitizer and other items handy.)

With these machines, forgetfulness is excused! Next up, I'm sure feminine hygiene items, fresh underwear, ties, and other needed ... sometimes unexpectedly so ... items will find their way into them. Maybe, we'll see them stocked with beer or ... GASP ... legal marijuana packets someday.

It's a new world folks, welcome to it!

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